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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Cromwell Revividus Is At It Again.

Notorious unlicensed architect, iconoclast and all-around vandal Richard Vosko is demolishing yet another Catholic Church.

Mark Sullivan reports that Dick the Destroyer has trained his siege artillery on Archbishop Fulton Sheen's old cathedral in Rochester, N.Y. Another Voskoid monstrosity is in the works.

As is always the case with Vosko, everything distinctively Catholic is being obliterated so he can implement the design changes he does in his sleep: Theatre in the round, high altar removed, whitewashed walls, bleached-out colors, the Tabernacle in some broom closet, statuary removed, a table replacing the altar, modern lighting obscuring the stained glass--you know what a Vosko's going to look like right away. No stone is left unturned in his quest to extirpate the Catholic past.

He's the liturgists' equivalent of Herman Goering. Only less respectful of his targets.

Yes, he's destroyed Catholic churches just like Oliver Cromwell. The difference is, our forebears didn't pay the Lord Protector a handsome fee for the privilege.

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