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Friday, February 07, 2003

Shari'ah 1, Dhimmis 0.

Or, The Church in the Middle East as Battered Wife.

All the patient dialogue. All the support for the Palestinian people, including support for a Palestinian homeland.

All the hand-holding.

And when Palestinian terrorists invaded one of our holiest places, used the clergy as human shields and trashed the place, the Vatican only got ticked at the Israelis. See the same article for how Christians are actually treated in PA territory.

A truly unparalleled example of accommodating patience in the face of provocation (but see Chamberlain, Neville).

After all this, how do the Palestinians show their gratitude? With the back of their collective hand. From The Michigan Catholic, January 31, 2003, p. 10:

Church examines draft declaring Islam religion of Palestine

ByJudith Sudilovsky
Of Catholic News Service

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is examining a clause in a draft Palestinian constitution that declares Islam the official religion of a future Palestinian state.
The Patriarchate established a committee of lawyers to see if the language of the clause could be changed to include the existence of other religions within the established state, said a source at the Latin Patriarchate.
Such wording could note that Islam is the religion of the majority of Palestinians while allowing room for recognition of other religions, the source said.
"If we can have this opening toward another religion, it will be another sign of democracy. Now we are stuck (in the discussion process) because of the situation we are under," he said.
Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem and other heads of Christian churches were sent a draft of the proposed constitution by the Palestinian National Authority for review, the source said.
Fr. Shawki Baterian, Latin Patriarch chancellor, said the patriarchate would present a report to the Palestinian authority's central committee.
"We will...see if we can reach a compromise," he said [ellipse in original].

The Laity Committee in the holy Land, an ecumenical lay group committed to strengthening the voice of Palestinian Christians, also submitted to the Palestinian central committee a proposal requesting that a future Palestinian state have no declared official religion. The proposal was submitted a day before the central committee was to vote on the proposed constitution.
Yusef Daher, a spokesman for the laity committee, told Catholic News Service that travel restrictions imposed by Israel following a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv in early January prevented many of the Palestinian parliamentarians from attending the central committee meeting.
A meeting of the heads of Christian churches in the Holy Land--including Patriarch Sabbah--was also canceled due to the travel restrictions.
Daher said a main concern for Christians was whether a Palestinian state's rule of law would be based on Islamic law, or the Shariah, if Islam is established as the state religion.

---Remaining paragraph snipped------

Shari'ah a problem for Christians? Ya think?

Gosh, what a stunner. Given the choice between Hamas/Islamic Jihad and the Vatican, the PA chose the Shari'ah Groupies. And the Church is left thinking "he's still a good man, he doesn't mean it--he'll change." And note the subtle implication that Israel was partially at fault--the travel restrictions. Well, you know how Israel hungers for yet another militant Islamic neighbor.

All those who think that the Church will obtain some kind of compromise, please raise your hand.

[Sound of crickets chirping]

All of those still in favor of a Palestinian state under these circumstances, please raise your hand.

[CricketFest continues]

Once a dhimmi, always a dhimmi.

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