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Friday, January 24, 2003

Saddam's Son Promises to Inflict Casualties on American Civilians in Event of War.

Uday Ceauces--er, Hussein promises worse than September 11:

"Because if they come, September 11 which they are crying over and see as a big thing will be a real picnic for them, God willing," Uday said....

Not smart. Not remotely smart. First of all, don't hint at a use of WMDs while in the next sentence saying you don't have them. Just goes to show that the Husseins have survived through brutality more than smarts.

Second, such an attack ensures the gloves will come off, and that the Hussein crime family (and much of Iraq)becomes a strictly past-tense phenomenon. Americans will demand it, and they will receive it.

Ever see Deterrence? Someone in Baghdad should--soon.

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