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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Is the UN Irredeemably Evil?

What other conclusions are we to draw from this report, in which Blix's Blind Mice become accessories to the murder of an Iraqi:

About 40 minutes later, another Iraqi man stopped a U.N. vehicle outside the headquarters pleading "Save me! Save me!" in Arabic, according to the U.N. The man, apparently unarmed, forced his way into the driver's seat of the stopped vehicle, as an Iraqi guard struggled to pull him out, while an unfazed U.N. inspector watched from the passenger seat.

Appearing agitated and frightened, the young man, with a closely trimmed beard and mustache, sat inside the white U.N.-marked utility vehicle for 10 minutes, AP reported. At first, an inspection team leader sought help from nearby Iraqi soldiers, but the man refused to leave the vehicle as the uniformed men pulled on his sleeve and collar.

"I am unjustly treated!" he shouted.

Then U.N. security men arrived, and they and Iraqi police carried the man by his feet and arms into the fenced compound, journalists said. The man was turned over to Iraqi authorities at a government office adjacent to the compound, U.N. officials said.

Iraqi officials said they had no information on the incidents.

Of course the Iraqis have no information on the incident. The man has officially ceased to exist, and is being tortured to death with his family as we speak.

In unrelated news, the inspectors report little progress in securing unmonitored interviews with Iraqi scientists....

The seeking of "permission" from the United Nations has officially become an obscene farce. We need the say-so of people who cheerfully turn over would-be defectors to a police state? And what was in the man's notebook, anyway? Something that might impede the Blix Fix?

No, we don't need the permission of the assorted police states, totalitarians, tyrants and appeasing effetes whose presence drives down property values in eastern Manhattan.

Why bother? On average, they don't have the moral sense God gave sharks.

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