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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

"Not An Oxymoron" Dep't. has a profile article about the gutsy women at Feminists for Life. [Link via Greg Krehbiel]

It's a reasonably balanced piece, except for the need to let the NARAL spokesflunky have the last word. That, and the ironic use of quote marks surrounding "feminists" in the title. After all, I don't think the writer would care for me to refer to him as "'Journalist' Dean Schabner" or "'Reporter' Dean Schabner."

Make sure to check out the FFL website. There's very good stuff there, including a conscious effort to point out the efforts of the dwindling number of pro-life Democrats. Plus, if you need any further endorsement, have mine: I donate cash to this organization.

And, to end the blog on a note that ties into an earlier theme: I'll bet you didn't know that FFL's Honorary Chair, actress Patricia Heaton, is...

...wait for it... ex-Catholic. And not in the loopy liberal sense, either: she's a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. No watered-down Reformed thought there--they take their Calvinism straight. AmChurch loses another one.

Oh, well. At least we still have Teddy Kennedy, Gray Davis, Jennifer Granholm....

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