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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Roe Lawyer Praises Decision For Helping to Cull The Herd.

No. Really. Seriously. I kid you frickin' not.

An anencephalic pantload of smug protoplasm named "Ron Weddington" weighs in on Roe. Still more sad proof that of all the ailments afflicting humanity, cranial-gluteal impaction is the hardest to cure.

Time to break out the fiskin' stick. Italics represent the firings of the pantload's brain stem.

But for Roe v. Wade, millions more children would have been born into poverty, where they would be greeted by Congress and the state legislators who failed to provide money for day care, health care, education or job training.

My dad has a word for this sort of 'argument.' It rhymes with "coarse bit." Let's see: You mean that they would have been brought into a nation where federal spending has never been reduced since the advent of "The Great Society"? They would have been born into the most generous nation on earth in terms of charitable giving?

So, if she can't get into Head Start, the kid's better off dead? Noted.

Millions more would have joined the ranks of welfare recipients and the homeless, the populations of prisons, prostitutes and drug addicts.

Not to mention lawyers.

Pantload ignores the high probability that millions more would have been brilliant, productive members of society, like doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, etc. Perhaps amongst the lost there was even a miracle-worker who could have cured Ron Weddington's cranial-gluteal impaction.

Note the positive: it's always gratifying to see a moral idiot of his magnitude calling prostitution an evil. Progress of a sort. I guess.

All that, simply to pander to the religious beliefs of a minority who persist in claiming that a collection of cells, without reason or awareness, is human life with something called a soul.

Ah, yes. The religious card. Pantload shakes his totem at the sky, warning his frightened tribesfolk about the Dark Ones who threaten them: The Theocracy! Cheap, stupid, and wrong. Which pretty much sums up his letter.

Just like "a collection of cells, without reason or awareness" nicely sums up Weddington himself.

As co-counsel in Roe v. Wade, I applaud the determination of J'Vante Anderson, the young woman in your article, to break the cycle of teenage mothers. But if her vow of abstinence fails, I hope that she can fall back on abortion, for her future and ours.
Austin, Tex., Jan. 20, 2003

Well, of course he's a lawyer. Only a lawyer can spew high-velocity BS like this with a straight face. Before Roe, I suspect Weddington handled head trauma cases--after all, you can't hide what's inside. It would certainly explain a lot. Then he graduated to bogus constitutional law, and now eugenics.

Here's the beginning of the article Weddington refers to, describing the determined Ms. Anderson:

J'Vante Anderson is 16, the age her mother was when she had her first child. Growing up in one of Atlanta's poorest neighborhoods, she has seen the cycle: teenage girl has baby, drops out of school, goes on welfare and raises a child who in turn becomes a teenage mother.

"I want to break that cycle," she said, her turtleneck perfectly coordinated with her pink velvet jeans. "I have a life, and I do plan on living it." She does not believe in abortion, so she is choosing abstinence.

God bless her. Take a look at the picture of Ms. Anderson, too: she's African-American. So, just what is he trying to say? Sounds an awful lot like "just enough of us, way too many of you." As in "you people." The people some don't like sharing a drinking fountain with. So much for the liberal's solicitude for the underdogs in American life. Now, Pantload tells us that it's just as well that "their" numbers are kept down. You just know she would produce another criminal/prostitute/junkie, right? The Grand Dragon of the KKK nods in enthusiastic agreement. I have a new slogan for NARAL/PP:

"Choice: Making Racism Fashionable Again."

Note also that Pantload is mute about the jerk in the next paragraph who uses it for birth control. So much for it being pro-choice but not pro-abortion. He clearly endorses the latter position. With relish.

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