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Friday, January 24, 2003

Many Thanks for the Blogrolls!

To Mark Shea, Shawn McElhinney, and Lane Core--Thank you for your kind references to my Hallmark greeting to neo-eugenicist Ron Weddington.

Also, long overdue thanks to those kind enough to refer to or compliment my blog about AmChurch and Catholic men:

G. Thomas Fitzpatrick at Verus Ratio;
Steven at Flos Carmeli;
Edward Trumbo;
Mark Sullivan;
Zach Frey (whose patience with Blogger is epic);
Greg Krehbiel;
Mark Cameron (glad to see he's still able to blog regularly); and
Doug Sirman (from whom I borrowed the phrase "dumber than a box of hair").

And thanks to the "blogless," too: Kappellmeister, Stephanie, Ellen, Robin Shea, Thomas Tucker (I thought you had one), and James Deery.

For those of you new to this blog: yes, I'm usually this irritable. You see, my phaser's "stun" setting is increasingly unreliable. Hence the carnage and devastation.

"But they were all bad," to quote a line from the last great Ahnold movie.

I haven't succumbed to the dark side, though: here's proof.

Try the archives. Kick the tires. Enjoy the beer (but not the last two bottles of Molson Export--they're mine).

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