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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Roe, Thirty Years and a Day Later.

Here are several representative links (I'd love to give precise credit, but they come from all over the place--Mark Shea, Amy Welborn, and HMS Blog, to name three):

First and foremost, the good workers over at Rachel's Vineyard, helping women victims every day.

Then there are the stories: heartbreaking, stupefyingly horrific, courageous, and striking.

Christianity Today provides a helpful historical overview of the abortion wars.

Also at Christianity Today, Guy M. Condon offers sound advice in structuring pro-life arguments.

Is there a Fish-Slapping Brigade? If not, consider this a call for volunteers, armed with the largest sturgeon money can buy: Proud 'daughters' of Roe do Elizabeth Bathory one better.

Finally, in a powerful essay today, Amy Welborn explains why we fight.

I told my daughter and my son how much I loved them yesterday. My son is due to be born on March 9, 2003.

How many like him (yes, at his age and development) won't get that chance?

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