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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Pretty much explains that whole "Pon Farr" thing.

Leonard Nimoy' religious photography causes a stir in the Detroit Jewish community. Area rabbis were thinking "Shekhina" would be, well, different:

-----------Begin Quote---------
"His mission was to present Shekhina, his new book intended as `an intensely personal` exploration of `the feminine aspect of God` to the Jewish Community Center's Book Fair. Which sounded swell to Jewish community leaders at first.
`Originally we thought the book was supposed to be about a Jewish journey,` says Rabbi Paul Yedwab, of West Bloomfield's Temple Israel. `How exciting that would be to have Leonard Nimoy talking about his Jewish journey.`
The excitement peaked after the book's October release -- and the discovery that Nimoy's feminine God-figures were beautiful nudes wearing ritual prayer items.
`The linking of Jewish ritual items and naked women wasn't part of the initial calculation,` Yedwab said wryly."
------------End Quote------------

A compromise was reached, but Mr. Nimoy's eyebrow is still arched:

"'Narrow-minded and fearful,' is the way Nimoy characterized the Detroit book fair solution."


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