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Thursday, November 14, 2002

I love animals. They're delicious!

I'm off [you knew that--ha, ha] for the next three days. I'll be joining 700,000 fellow Michiganders (including my father and brother) in a quest for deer.

Yep. Me and my 12 gauge. Canny sportsmanship at its finest. At least theoretically: I haven't bagged a buck yet (or a doe for that matter). In fact, I and my brother might have the only PETA-approved hunting expeditions on earth (we're tied at zero deer). IOW, in Michigan, "Wait'll next year!" applies to more than just the Detroit Lions. Anyway, it should be fun regardless of the number of antlered animal carcasses draped on my Buick for the ride home.

Say nice things to my hunting widow while I'm gone. She'd especially like your input on this tricky parenting/pastoral issue. For that matter, so would I.

Buck fever: Catch it! See you Sunday.

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