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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Hilarity from the Onion.

Marxists' Apartment a Microcosm of Why Marxism Doesn't Work.

For me, the instant the fact that the Cold War was over (and the Good Guys had won) fully sunk in was when I saw Gorbachev's 1997 Pizza Hut ad. In 1990, he commanded the world's largest military force and nuclear arsenal, both aimed at the U.S.--which, in Marxist demonology, remains the embodiment of repressive, exploitative corporate evil. Seven years later, he's...pitching pizza...for an...American...corporation....What I still don't fully understand is why my head didn't explode right then and there.

Marxism and its true believers are increasingly just targets of mockery. The Onion piece is good evidence of that. In fact, mockery is probably the best weapon against the birkenstock bolshies and their gradually-slipping white-knuckle grip on the academy, culture, and media. Sorry, guys: you don't even inspire much anger anymore--just a derisive guffaw. That's starting to sink in everywhere now, and it has to sting. If nothing else, it's clear that the Marxist vision, with its mountain of skulls, sure doesn't inspire conversions: your average "peace" rally or National Council of Churches conclave smells like a Ben Gay factory exploded nearby. Reality will even reach their academic strongholds one day, right after "The Sixties People™" pass from the scene.

As Michael Ledeen would say: "Faster, please."

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