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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Free Press Columnist Mails One In.

Compares pro-life Republicans to suicide bombers, the Taliban. Here's my response:

"Dear Mr. Dickerson:

In your column "Republicans battle over party's soul," you certainly telegraphed to the readers which faction should be regarded as Mephistopheles. Two references to the pro-lifers as the Taliban, one as "suicide warriors" (BTW, the correct term for the latter is "terrorists." Hell, even Reuters, the home of craven "objectivity," calls them "militants," not "warriors"). The infuriating thing is the gratuitous ease with which you tossed the descriptions into an otherwise interesting column about political infighting. Second nature, eh? It apparently bothered your editor not at all, either. Come on--I've read you enough to know that you can do better than "mail it in" cheap shots.

Can I expect future references to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or (closer to home) Lynn Rivers as members of the Khmer Rouge?
Something tells me that holding my breath for this development would be fatal.

Your rhetoric is precisely what turns social conservatives off to politics. It no doubt earned you congratulatory back-slapping from your fellow liberals in the Freep biosphere, but it also revealed you to be more intolerant than those you tried to lampoon.

To conclude, here is the Taliban in action (scroll down to the third and fourth pictures).

This is what suicide "warriors" do.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that McMillan, Gosselin and the rest of the Oakland County conservatives have done anything like that.


Dale Price"

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