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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Election Links.

1. National

NRO's The Corner has regular national updates.

Ditto The Weekly Standard, which is promising coverage and analysis as the returns come in.

Of course, the Drudge Report is a good one, but it was extremely difficult to access on Election Night 2000, due to web traffic volumes. The same could happen tonight. What's nice about Drudge is that he's not constrained from revealing exit poll numbers, which are usually very interesting.

Finally, there's the merry band of rebels over at Fox News, who ought to be encouraged as much as possible.

2. Michigan.

The Detroit News has solid coverage.

The National Right to Life Committee has helpful guidance, as does Right to Life of Michigan.

Finally, vote for this guy, not someone who, while personally opposed to racist violence, does not support laws which restrict lynching.

Oops. I meant "someone who, while personally opposed to abortion, does not support laws which restrict abortion."

Pardon the mistake.

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