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Monday, September 28, 2015

Some people just suck at basic human decency.

This guy would definitely be one of them. Despicable.


  1. 2 things.

    1) IF that was really him. This may shock some people, but not everyone on twitter is who they say they are. i.e. One account I follow is that of "kim jong un" (obviously not him). I did some preliminary sleuthing and so far the only "proof" I found that is actually G.Z. is the media articles referring back to themselves. Given how much the media lied about Zimmerman and the proliferation of hate crimes hoaxes, they've used up all my benefit of a doubt, so I'll need more proof that's really him. (even one link that claimed it "confirmed" the twitter, lead to a not actual confirmation)

    2) Screwtape warned in his toast: "Suspicion often creates what it suspects." Imagine you went through what Zimmerman did in the public eye, of headlines across the social consciousness of: "Dale Price, racist murderer of black children!" "Dale Price, proof racism is alive and well!" For months on end. THEN after that, EVERY move you make is subject to public scrutiny: "Dale Price (accused racist murderer) got a speeding ticket!" "Dale Price seen in grocery line, didn't have enough money!" On top of... well just imagine what it would be like trying to go anywhere in this kind of environment. Where your every accomplishment is forgotten but every sin is remembered and magnified. Well, we all know you, being a saint, would probably be able to endure it no problem, but I won't fault someone else for eventually giving in.

    Or to sum up: (if true) Zimmerman is as society has made him. Why be surprised he lacks decency when everybody's worked so hard to beat it out of him?

  2. A fair argument, save for the snark about me being a saint.

    But so long as you've scored your point on this dismal (at least in these parts) Tuesday, all is well.

    1. (dismal around here too)

      That wasn't entirely snark, Dale, I try to think the best of everybody. ;-)