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Friday, September 25, 2015

A little perspective.

Yeah, I know. Minimal Church stuff. Sigh...


Nevertheless, I am making a deliberate effort to keep the temperature at a gentle rolling boil with the blog reboot.

Dunno if I'd call it kinder, gentler--but I do know I can't mainline on rage, either.

Thus, while I'm far from delighted with the Pope's message to Congress, I'm not going to dub him a Borgia (!) as a result of it. 

Yeah, it was much weaker than the strong-to-prophetic statements offered up by his two predecessors. Yes, he completely whiffed on an issue that he has made a centerpiece of his preaching--the dehumanizing power of greed. If aborting babies and selling their parts to for-profit companies isn't a perfect example of how the pursuit of profit can lead you to Hell, nothing is. Especially disappointing considering how he was willing to lend his express, concrete support to immigration. 

So, yeah. You have every right to be disappointed. I am.

But I don't know that going ballistic moves the ball very much. The pro-abortion folks seemed to see a criticism from the Pope, so there's that. And, he visited the Little Sisters of the Poor, too--a good statement there. Ultimately, at the end of the day, there's bupkis we can do about someone else's blown opportunity.

Plus, I'm keeping my powder dry for October. Whee.

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  1. I will just say that I have real doubts that Francis visited the Little Sisters of the Poor as a statement of support for their Obamacare suit, regardless of Fr. Lombardi's statement, which has a whiff of spin. For one. the Sisters indicated afterward that he never brought the subject up, even by implication. More likely, he visited because of, well, who they are and what they do, and they were across the street anyway...

    That said, I am not unhappy that people are taking Lombardi's spin and running with it as true. Nor that the Sisters got a little morale boost from his visit. It has been a hard couple years for them.


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