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Monday, September 21, 2015

So, anybody want to talk about politics?

I'll start.



  1. Love to talk politics, but I'm Canadian and it seems not only futile but also rude to put my two cents in on American politics. I remember you guys in my prayers from time to time, though.

  2. And it's not like Canada doesn't have its own campaign in full swing, either.

    By the way, if y'all elect Justin Trudeau (shudder) or Mulcair (double shudder)...

  3. Yeah... I know, I know. Harper is not goo, but they're worse. Voting up here is like trying to pick the shiniest of three turds. The only positive thing I can say about the Canadian election campaign is that it is relatively short. From here it seems like your cycle is perpetual. I'd go nuts.

  4. It's a horror from the beginning of the leap year to about the start of October, when the national parties start cutting back on the Presidential ad buys here in Michigan.

    So, yes, the Parliamentary system has ours beat all to hell when it comes to election cycles.

  5. There are strengths and weaknesses to both systems. Because I somewhat criticized your system, (immediately after saying I don't want to do that) I'll try and balance that with some praise: you guys at least vote directly for your President, at least, more directly than we vote for our Prime Minister. I don't want to give a general slam to yours, nor pretend ours is great. Should we ever meet face to face over some Wine, I would gladly go into great detail over what I think is dreadfully wrong with our system, and a few of the things I admire about yours.


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