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Monday, September 28, 2015

Saw almost bupkis of the Pope's visit to the Republic.

And even less of the commentary.

We're a busy crew at the Burrow, and we had American Heritage Girls, Louie's football game, a generous visit from my Mom and the aforementioned George Ezra concert on the schedule. Throw in necessary trips to Costco and Meijer, and a couple of family movie nights, and voila: 

Yes--even our clocks got tired. It's a wonder our memory was able to persist enough to attend every event, but there you go.

This song pretty much sums up the family schedule for the next month or so (one s-bomb in the song, but hardly gratuitous).

As an aside, I'll never understand why Crowded House didn't become absolutely gigantic. Such consistently good pop music, and so consistently ignored after the first album.

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