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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Women wearing pants. Marty Haugen's music. Latin in the liturgy. Breastfeeding in public. Social justice. Birth control.

Need to jack up the hits a bit.

That should do it.

Thanks to Sarah in MI for the suggestion. :)


Joseph K. said...

Do comments show up?
If so:

Chapel Veils
Michael Voris
Fr. Corapi
Fr. Pavone
Fr. Euteneur
Kneeling at Communion
Girl Altar Servers

Anonymous said...

Susan G. Komen
Planned Parenthood
Kathleen Sebelius
Nancy Pelosi
Spiritual but not Religious

You're welcome.

MsBorges said...

Where are my keys
Pelosi for Pope
Healthy McNuggets
Free-range Kids
Minnesota Nice
Trousers at Mass

Sarah in MI said...

I do what I can.

Peony Moss said...

Harry Potter
Barack Obama birth certificate
Lord of the Rings Pez Dispenser
Lord of the Rings Lego
Hot Dish recipe
Mark Shea

Heather said...

Kardashian nude photo
Catholic homeschooling
Honey badger
Facebook stock
Green energy

LarryD said...

I'm writing these down...

Mike in CT said...

Jar-Jar Binks
Anne Rice, Catholic
Christopher West

Gregg the Obscure said...

Timmy Tebow;
Timmy Cardinal Dolan;
Timmy fell down the well;
Lino (un)Rulli

Rich Leonardi said...

Love it, Dale. Try "attachment parenting." It worked wonders on my old site.