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Friday, February 10, 2012

Krauthammer goes yard.

Read the whole thing, but note especially how the President dons and doffs the religiousity cloak with the effortlessness of a Gantry.

To flatter his faith-breakfast guests and justify his tax policies, Obama declares good works to be the essence of religiosity. Yet he turns around and, through Sebelius, tells the faithful who engage in good works that what they’re doing is not religion at all. You want to do religion? Get thee to a nunnery. You want shelter from the power of the state? Get out of your soup kitchen and back to your pews. Outside, Leviathan rules.

There is a profound difference between the freedom of religion enshrined in the First Amendment and the "freedom of worship" envisioned by this administration. The Kulturkampf makes that plain. By all means, enjoy your quaint ceremonial holdovers from a more brutish time. But don't think of carrying it into the work week.

Which is becoming increasingly troubling to me.

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  1. Little Johnny went to church
    He went on every Sunday.
    But little Johnny went to hell
    For what he did on Monday.

    St. Michael and St. George, pray for us!


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