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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I realized I was about to say this incorrectly.

I was going to say "You're a sack of shit, Egan."

But that would be improper.

The correct statement is "You're a sack of shit, Your Eminence."

I genuinely hope for the sake of his soul that he's going senile, because Mr. Dougherty is right--this is monstrous.


  1. Criminy. Unbefreakinlievable.

    So when you gonna call me about lunch? Send me an email.

  2. I'm gonna vote for senility, because the alternative is a little sickening to consider.

  3. Dementia is the most charitable interpretation. If it's not that, I think I'll throw up.

  4. You know, he will have enough clerical "yes men" around him to tut-tut comments like yours.

    God really has it out for our country to allow us to have bishops like this. Have mercy!


  5. If in fact it really is dementia (and I'm not willing to rule that out), prayers are necessary, not only for the cardinal but to mitigate the damage done by his remarks. If he is not impaired but speaks so, prayers for him are even more necessary.


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