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Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Kulturkampf expands to the pulpit.

The Army did not approve of the Archbishop for the Military Services' letter, so it could not be read from the pulpit last Sunday.

Angry? Yes. But so long as Sebelius operates without ecclesiastical censure, strutting up to take the Host every Sunday, I'm going to discount the clerical outrage a bit.

It's war, and you're firing confetti. I'm going to start taking my cues accordingly.

Look at these adorable kitten pictures.

OK, am I going to do absolutely nothing? Well, no. These actions have finally pushed me to the point where I can actually see myself voting for Mitt Romney (though watch me carefully, as it is clear that prolonged exposure to Romnium causes people to change long-held positions and destroy their credibility for trivial reasons).

And when the generals get serious, I'll happily march to the sound of the guns.
But I'm not marching to the sound of silly string and mission statements.


  1. If it ends up being Romney/Santorum, I'll be happy. Otherwise, I'll go the lesser-of-two-evils route. Again. Fact is, I'd write in the chair in my office at work before I'd give Obama four more years.

  2. The kittens are very cute.

    I hope that the new rules on health care can be changed soon.

  3. Just so you know... lots of people read and rarely comment. I used to comment a lot at Shea's site, until the vultures in the comments made it devoid of any entertainment value. I like a good discussion, but it gets too personal sometimes.

    Cute kittens, I still like Santorum (though the Spector thing previously soured me on him), and anyone but Teh Won.