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Monday, February 06, 2012

Pretty decent Super Bowl.

The game was better than the commercials, which is the highest praise I can muster.
You're welcome, Giants fans, for Mr. Manningham (another Michigan Man). Keep the catch in mind when he invariably drops a ball that Stephen Hawking could have snagged. Mario's just that way.

The most disappointing thing about the game--I was bummed that the Lions weren't there. After last season, that's not as insane an emotion as it would have been following last year's Bowl.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the halftime show. Granted, my expectations were nil, but that was a very solid performance. Having Cee Lo as your wingman never hurts.

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  1. Thought about you and the Michigan connection with Manningham's big catch. It's been a little frustrating with him expecting him to break out, but he's had some huge moments, and he's a pretty good guy to have a third receiver.

    Completely missed Madonna, choosing an old South Park episode instead. I think I made the right call.