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Monday, March 09, 2009

Kulturkampf 2009.

Connecticut's legislature is considering a modest intervention into the governance of th Catholic Church--and only the Catholic Church. Essentially, Connecticut bishops and priests would have no control over functions of the parish that are not "exclusively" religious.

The co-chairs of the legislative committee are shocked--shocked!--that anyone would think they have something to do with this.

Startlingly unconstitutional and guaranteed to be bounced out the door by any court with a pulse if it were enacted. Oh, and the co-chairs' denial is simon-pure cowflop--they don't have to bring anything forward if they don't want to, and *someone* had to draft this thing.

That said, as Todd Aglialoro points out, there are plenty of--as in six figures worth--reasons for Connecticut Catholics to be disgruntled about the way their leaders have responded to embezzlement--coughMichaelFayandhisboyfriendcough.

There are costs to pissing your credibility away.

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