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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Detroit Landmarks.

Or stuff I can snap on walks around/trips to Motown.

The erector set version of the Mackinac Bridge, residing at the Detroit Science Center.

The interior of the Wright Museum of African-American History.

In addition to its impressive beauty, the sound quality in the dome is quite cool.

The Doubletree Fort Shelby Hotel. Yes, I gladly mention the corporate sponsor--anybody who preserves and renovates architectural gems deserves full credit. And I don't care if the owner-renovator is called Crapper, Inc. The Doubletree Fort Shelby is one of the many Detroit jewels by the master architect Albert Kahn. The tall part is Kahn's, and the shorter part is the original hotel. Today, the shorter section is the hotel/restaurant and the taller contains the apartments.

Details on the DFS.

More details.

The DFS from the west side.

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