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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Comment of the Year.

Stop your submissions--we have a winner. After watching a week of non-explanations and carefully-planned damage control, I'm no longer inclined to give Fr. Jenkins the benefit of the doubt. Thus, I'm posting this from Doug (not my brother, but he still ain't heavy), on the ND controversy:

Regarding the optimistic assertion that Jenkins is being stupid: he's the pres of Notre Dame - he didn't get there by being naive or stupid.

Jenkins has offered a sop of excuse to provide himself with plausible deniability. Well, we're told that to get a promotion, you should perform the job you want rather than the one you have; perhaps he's angling for a mitre in his future.

And let's all put a moratorium on the pathetic bleating about charitable interpretations, when what is really meant is "don't tell the truth about a priest when it's unpleasant." Being unable to say shit when you have a mouthful is nothing like a virtue; particularly when you have that mouthful at the manipulative request of a liar in a collar.

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