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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's not all "pork."

Over at HotAir, in the midst of a good argument against the earmark-packed omnibus spending bill, Ed Morrisey quotes the Washington Post article about passage, noting the following:

The supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children, known as WIC, would grow by $1.2 billion, a 21 percent jump from the $5.7 billion appropriated last year.

And the problem with that, especially in the worst recession in decades, is....?

So, we're talking $6.9 billion to give nutritious food to women and their children for this year? Sorry, I'm not joining the tea party on that one. I'm a little familiar with WIC, having worked in a grocery store for several years. It's a good program, which provides healthy food to needy families. The options are limited to solid nutrition: Milk; eggs; 100% juice, and not Hawaiian Punch; no-sugar added cereals, not Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs; 100% cheese, not Cheez; etc.

Scream and yell about earmarks and waste, not sensible help to the struggling.

UPDATE: Long-time friend of the blog Terry finds this disturbing story about the peril of stretching baby formula too far. The baby will be all right, but frightening nonetheless. WIC covers formula, too, as I had forgotten.

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