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Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks to Victor for his review of "Kit Kittredge."

It inspired us to see a morning screening of the film as a family on Sunday.

Really, if you have a chance, go see it. Kit is excellent family entertainment in the old-school sense. And I admit to absolute bafflement about some critics' product placement critique--it's nonsensical to the extreme. Going to be hard for me to find a '32 Buick, for starters. There isn't a whiff of the pushing of the American Girl franchise, either.

It was good, with fine acting (including a nice bit part by one of my favorite comic actors, Colin Mochrie) and good writing. A touch sentimental, yes, but it conveyed the shock of the Great Depression at a very good level for kids. There isn't an objectionable moment in the whole thing, and Victor's right: if we don't support quality family entertainment, we aren't going to get more of it.

Take. See.

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