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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OK, one important bit of data you should have.

My lovely wife is threatening to become a star of the internets. Run over, congratulate her and offer her your best wishes. The call-back confirmation (which I received) stated that they "definitely" wanted her back on Saturday. I've told her that one day very soon she'll simply be recognized as "Heather," in the same way we recognize "Beyonce" or "Marilyn." In fact, I've started calling her "Heathe'," to her pronounced non-satisfaction.

And it happened on her birthday, which, yes, I remembered. She received (what else?) a book, a chocolate cake and a bonus package of semi-sweet chocolate. My child bride is a radiant twenty-nine, so congratulate her on that, too.

Don't forget to congratulate Heather Siekierski ("the other Heather" as she is known as at Casa Del Price), too.

You'll be able to say you knew them when.

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