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Monday, July 21, 2008

I've started reading Harry Potter.

Just like me--jump on the bandwagon after the wheels have fallen off.

You have to admit, it's easier to climb on that way.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to offer up short reviews of each book, along with a numerical scale from 1 (Negligible) to 10 (Platonic ideal) to gauge my view of the hot-button issues raised by other reviewers or the author herself.

For instance:

Occult/Dark Magical Themes

1: James Randi
5: David Copperfield
10: Cthulhu

The Dumbledore Gaydar Detector

1: Stacy Keach
5: Rupert Everett
10: Liberace

Clancyitis Infection Level (this metric measures the extent to which responsible editors have become afraid of a blockbuster author and have allowed logorrhea to take the reins)

1: Hunt for Red October
5: Red Storm Rising
10: Debt of Honor

Sure, it's going to be on the lighter side, but I am going to wrestle with the serious criticisms of the work. But I have to finish reading them first.

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