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Monday, July 14, 2008

As you may have noticed...

Weekends are Price Family Time. We had a Knights of Columbus Mass/religious tour sponsorship matter, Confession, a Costco run and a nice BBQ get together with the Freys on Saturday. Zach's eldest, Joshua, a gangling giant who is undergoing an Apache Chief transformation before our eyes, cooked the burgers. Fine job, too. Sunday, we had Mass, I had to prune back a lawn undergoing a no doubt sinister mutation before my eyes and coached Maddie on her bike riding.

Unless I get into a DefCon 1 Someone Is Wrong On The Internet posture, I'm not interested in commenting or blogging, even though I do glance over here periodically.

So, while I thought the combox arguments below were generally fair, if sharp, I'd prefer that 4 letters be used sparingly, if at all. If for no other reason than Madeleine is starting to read over my shoulder. Criticize the arguments and argument tactics all you like, but try to keep the personal out of it.

As to the actual thread, I may or may not have something further to add.

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