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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Sed Contra Archive.

Many of you will remember David Morrison's top-notch Sed Contra blog. If you don't remember it, you missed out. David was a fearless and charitable commenter on many subjects, most notably Catholic teaching on and living with same-sex attraction. However, his blogging defied easy labeling and deserves to be well-known for his views on a variety of issues. For example, he had a good commentary on the morality of buying Chinese products in the midst of the regime's persecution of Catholics and others.

Sadly, David stopped blogging in September 2007, but was successfully talked out of deleting the archives by The Sheepcat. He sent me an e-mail at the end of June, and thanks to consistent brainlock, I kept forgetting to post about it until now.

Namely, the Sed Contra Archive is now up and running. Take a look--it's very much worth your time.

And make sure to thank Alan for his great work.

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