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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Magdi Cristiano Allam's Baptism.

First of all, welcome, brother, from a member of the Class of '99. Prayers inbound, given the often-hostile reaction of the Muslim world to "apostasy."

The residents of the National Catholic Reporter's internet Cafe' are queuing up to offer their support, prayers and understanding (check the comment ratings, too).


No, of course not--there's the usual braying at "the Vatican" and a creative argument comparing Allam's baptism to the heinous Edgardo Mortara kidnapping.

As creative as the debates between a bag lady and her least-favorite lamppost get, that is.

Admittedly, one commenter offers the clenched-jaw concession that Allam's conversion is "fine," but overall the sense is that the proper approach would have been to have Allam baptized by a deacon in a crypt somewhere in the Diocese of Whitehorse. Unless, of course, there's the possibility a Muslim might have been passing through the region at the time.

No, there's not a peep of awareness, let alone understanding, about the plight of Muslim converts to Christianity. Nope--it's the real enemy stirring up those poor misunderstood fellows again. If you are going to wear the dhimmi badge, wear it proudly, I guess.

Manuel II Palaiologos' Thought for the Day:

"You know, you might want to learn a little history

not subsidized by Saudi oil money."

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