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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A great Easter!

Thanks again for all the support--corners are turning, albeit slowly. We've looked at a few vans, but nothing yet that floats the boat. And, yes, I've looked at an Odyssey, too--affordable, but a slight catch: 210,000 miles. Which, with our luck, is like playing Russian roulette with one empty chamber. I don't care how good the car ratings are--a non-truck with 210,000 miles is one garage visit from me hunting down the salesman with part of the exhaust system.

We received 3" of snow on Friday night, so the rebellious stairs will wait another week.

As far as Easter proper, a good time was had by all. My mother in law helped us schlepp the kids to Mass, and she also brought dessert (a giant apple pie from Costco). I thought we should go the ham (vs. turkey) route this year and it turned out well. Much less prep time and no worries about stuffing. Mashed potatoes came from a box--and were just fine, thanks.

Memo to self--ration the Easter candy a little better next year. Mom and Dad were ready for bed by 8:00pm, but the children had to be peeled off the ceiling.

We are blessed, and this weekend, for all of the unresolved issues, drove that lesson home with great force.

Thanks again!

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