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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just remember: you only hurt the ones you love.

And I love you all....

When is Yoko Ono finally going to be arrested for her career of unrelenting cat torture? I'm convinced her oeuvre is the magic bullet for dealing with the coming zombie apocalypse.

Don't forget to visit the Shatner section(scroll down). His takes on Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Mr. Tamborine Man redefine pop music.

P.S.--this is a spillover from a rather virulent e-war between myself and Victor Morton, which started with his absolutely unnecessary and mistaken reference to Lorenzo Lamas, escalated to the lyrics of Achy Breaky Heart, escalated still further with George Burns' Beatles cover and has now seen the ICBMs unleashed.

You will envy the dead.

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