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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I didn't see this, so I'm willing to reserve judgment.

That, and it's coming from an advocacy group. Apparently, the most recent episode of Cold Case brought long-overdue attention to the growing problem of Christian abstinence groups stoning the backslid.

Again, I didn't see it. I've never been impressed with Cold Case, being especially irritated by the pat music video-style endings. Frankly, Medium is more believable. And Patricia Arquette has a helluva lot more range than the tousle-haired Keebler elf who fronts CC. Shatner had more gravitas in T.J. Hooker.

If it's as bad as the report indicates, well--so what? It's cheap hackwork by bad scriptwriters. Pick an easy villain, toss in a shock crime (yeah, we all read The Lottery in high school, champ--you're so clever) and titillate the perv segment with a little carrot cuffing and a heaping helping of hypocrisy. Christian hypocrisy, natch.

It's the safest formula in the world. It's common, too--Law & Order does it every season. The folks who do it are risking almost certain applause from their peers.

Shrug it off--remember, this is the sort of "courageous" religion puncturing done by a network that refused to air the Muhammad cartoons. Reward it with the bad ratings it deserves.

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