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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ah, yes, The Boy.™

Dale has taken to gaming of late. Especially the Mission Command series of games. Essentially, MC is a reworking of three earlier classics: Carrier Strike, Screaming Eagles and Tank Battle.

[Note, Steve, that these would be ideal for your kids, too.]

We started with the Air Game, and Dale got the first hit on me. Unfortunately for him, I got the next four, including the fatal cockpit hit. "I wanted to win!" he wailed.

"So did I," I explained. I also explained that I wasn't simply going to let him win, and when he finally beat me, it would be earned and legit. He appreciated that. He also appreciated the idea that the game was rated at "8 and up," and he was playing it at only age 4. That sank in.

The next one was the Land Game. Tanks! I simplified it by removing some of the playing pieces and the distance targeting array (which is something like Battleship). Once again, he got in the first blast, knocking my second strongest tank out of the game in a slugfest. I finally won, but it was an endurance match.

Earlier this week, we broke out the Sea Game. In an irritating trend, he smote one of my Hornets during my attack run on his carrier, and ended up trashing one of my destroyers and another three planes before I sank it. He had just launched his first Harpoon, and was probably going to get a hit on my carrier, when his sank.

His tactical approach can be summed up thusly:

1. Ignite hair.

2. Charge!

John Bell Hood would be proud. And like Hood, it almost works every time. Not to mention making the games rather exciting.

He wants to skip right up to Imperium now. Risk first, lad, Risk first.

And Maddie wants to try, too.

Looks like I got the Gaming Club back together, man.....

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