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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The easiest job on the planet right now?

Being Kevin Federline's attorney.

I could bounce around the courtroom on a pogo stick.

I could attend garbed in a "Kiss Me--I'm Welsh!" t-shirt, powder-blue leisure suit pants and a derby that looks like it was made out of the fuzzy dice hanging in a '77 Firebird.

I could write my motions entirely in Esperanto.

I could use a horn to object to Spears' attorney's arguments.

And I'd still win. In a walkover.

chun-ga chun-ga chun-ga

"Your Honor, we believe that the custody arrangements are unfair to Ms. Spears--"

chun-ga HONKHONKHONK chun-ga chun-ga


chun-ga chun-ga chun-ga

"Dankon, Jugi!"

chun-ga chun-ga

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