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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scenes from Stately Price Manor.

Monday, Dinner Time:

We had sat down for my famous breakfast burritos (chorizo, scrambled eggs and green peppers, with shredded cheese and salsa for garnish). One of the kids' friends, a nice tow-headed 4-year old named Austin, came bounding up to our street-facing kitchen window on a scooter (the window was formerly a side door, so the sidewalk allows easy access).

Austin: "Can they come out to play?"

Me: "We're having dinner, Austin. After that, they can come out."

Austin: "How long will that take?"

Me (forgetting that preschoolers have no concept of time): "About ten minutes."

Austin: "OK." [Scooters away.]

Forty five seconds later.

A disembodied yellow head reappears even closer to the window.

"Are they done yet?"

"No, not yet. A few more minutes, Austin."

"OK." [Trundles off.]

Thirty seconds later.

"Can they come out yet?"

"Not quite done, Austin."


To Heather: "Should I grab a mask and hide under the window sill?"

The punchline? After the kids came out, Austin revealed that he didn't have permission to come over in the first place.

This morning: The McToddler Group at the breakfast table.

The roundtable participants are discussing Sleeping Beauty.

Madeleine: "Maleficent is mean."

Rachel: "No, Maleficent is not mean, she's evil!"

Madeleine: "Rachel, Maleficent is mean."

Rachel: "NO! EVIL!"

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