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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Favorite Scenes/Characters from A Meeting At Corvallis?

Curious folks want to know.

[Sorry for the raggedness and punctuation errors that fill the review. Will address that later.]

I'll start:

The battle between the Protectorate and the Bearkillers at the ruins of Salem. Tense and with great detail, demonstrating that warfare in the post-Change world is more a combination of the medieval with the American Civil War than straight Middle Ages.

I also liked Mike's joust with "dickweed," the son of the ex-Hell's Angel.

Astrid bringing her "collection" to Corvallis.

Characters: Conrad Renfrew, the Grand Constable of the Protectorate. And, unless I miss my guess, the scarring is a nod to Gothmog, the orc commander at Pelennor Fields in the film version of Return of the King.

By all means, chime in.

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