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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mangy dog still whining/Driving me insane

So I'm going off to the store/
For some Gravy Train

It's...distressing what currents can run through a pop-culture-smelted brain.

If none of the above italicized reference/paraphrase makes the slightest sense to you--count yourself fortunate.

I dread going senile--I'm sure I'll regale the nursing home staff and other inmates 24/7 with commercial jingles, movie one-liners, Monty Python sketches, song lyrics and other obscure references--think Dennis Miller meets Rain Man meets Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation [$toP mE bFour I sUb-reFErEnCE @gAiN]. Well, at least until they stuff the pillow over my face. Probably with the blessing of my HMO and a court order, no doubt.

Yes, it's been a long day--why do you ask?

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