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Friday, September 08, 2006

Frauds on Tour.

[Language alert]

That would be the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, that is.

Deep down, the poseurs don't believe a word of it, and I can prove it.

How? Because they are still travelling around the country whining about it and brainfarting into the ether that is the internet, getting self-published and doing. nothing. else.

People who truly believed this crap would do something more, like, oh, I don't know--at a minimum, stop paying their taxes, perhaps? Hell, our Founding Fathers formed armed militias over trade duties and these clowns can't bestir themselves into passive resistance.

After all, they are claiming this government is a dictatorial regime that has butchered its own citizenry to further imperialist ambitions across the globe.

You'd think that might merit something more than pseudo-intellectual posturing and twee missives about fascism.

I mean, it would if they believed the bullshit they were shoveling.

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