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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


--Patrick Star.

Good Lord, Sitemeter just about shorted out! Many thanks to Amy and Mark for their generous links. We don't get 1000+ page views per day much in these parts. Make that "ever." In fact, this is so far beyond even a blast from those eminent bloggers that I wonder if there's another link out there that's a partial cause. If you know of any, leave a comment. I hate to leave such folks unacknowledged.

I almost feel like putting the Paypal button back up. But given the embarrassing cricket notes from last time, I'll pass.

Welcome, huge surge of new readers--you just arrived at Catholic blogdom's 98th floor (the air's a little thin up here). Think a combination of dwarf-tossing meets the Ultimate Fighting Championship meets Face the (Catholic) Nation. If that doesn't help, try this: I like hockey fights and the Liturgy of the Hours. A sort of "Jungian-duality-of-man-thing," to quote Full Metal Jacket.

Anyhow, thanks for the visit--and yes, I do need to update Greatest Snits.

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