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Monday, April 25, 2005

I really, really have to buy Ignatius Press stock.

It appears that the Catholic bookstores in Motown (including the wildly uneven (1) official archdiocesan one) were emptied of the works of the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as of Saturday afternoon.

Well, actually, not quite. I was able to find the Pauline Books and Media version of this document at the last one I visited.

Just a thought--the fact that Dominus Iesus was even remotely controversial in Catholic theological circles only proves that you need a Cardinal Ratzinger in the first place.


(1) Memo to the wonderfully nice folks who man the archdiocesan store: the works of Aussie Michael Morwood (a Catholic Spong, only with less intellectual rigor) aren't fit to line a litter box, much less the shelves a respectable Catholic bookstore.

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