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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Yet another stupid meme.

"I wouldn't want to live like that."

Really? From what the experts say about it, a patient in that state couldn't care less. More seriously--doy. No one would choose to be in that state. The issue is what is the proper response of a just society to people who end up in such a condition.

Then there's another problem--"I" wouldn't want that. What--better the last memory you burn into your loved ones' brains is that of your grotesque living mummification, even if they want otherwise?

But the greatest problem is that it's really a statement that translates out to "I wouldn't want to live as something less than fully human"--as defined by the phobic secular standards of early 21st Century America. That's what sets the disability activists off, and rightly so. Because it's a not-so-subtle comment on the value of their lives as well. And with the killing of Terri Schiavo, the distance between the "right" to die and a duty to do so gets a little bit narrower.

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