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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The occasional devout stupidity of the pro-life movement.

Can be seen in stark relief here.

Never--repeat, neverneverneverNEVER--ever spurn an offer of help and a sign of solidarity from someone who is normally on the other side of the issue. I'm normally no fan of Rev. Jackson, but his presence on the side of the Schindlers has done more to "depoliticize" the battle than anything else so far. When a Tom Harkin, Ralph Nader or Jose Serrano is willing to stand on the same side as you--with exactly zero benefit to himself or his natural allies--be thankful.

Fulsomely so.

That, and if you didn't object to the presence of Randall Terry, then really--do shut up.

Some of the "oh no--not him!" reaction is more than a little like the embattled soldiers of Minas Tirith reacting to the arrival of Theoden's forces with: "Eeewww--the Rohirrim?!? Not them--those guys smell like horse s**t!"

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