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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The cost of living.

Ross Douthat at The American Scene makes several good points, especially right at the end:

I'm no expert on how these issues are adjudicated in Florida, but it doesn't seem like it ought to be hard -- the legislature could simply pass a law stating that "in the absence of a living will to the contrary, treatment cannot be withdrawn from a comatose patient so long as there are immediate family members willing to care for him/her." Or "so long as anyone is willing to care for her." Or "in perpetuity," if the money could be found to pay for it.

And yes, I know, the GOP isn't very good at forking over money for poor people's health care. But if you want a "culture of life" -- and like many people, I'm by no means convinced that much of the GOP leadership actually wants such a culture -- sometimes you have to be willing to pay.

[Link via Mark Sullivan]

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