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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And there was much rejoicing.

My brother is "officially" back now--we've had the party. On Saturday, Doug was feted at the Alma Armory, home of B Battery of the 1-119th (Michigan National Guard)--another fine group of Americans who have seen active duty during the past year. About 150 showed up for food, beer, coffee, food, cameraderie, and food. Doug's in fine fettle, physically and mentally, though he was a little unprepared for the following exchange:

Aunt: You're looking good, Doug.

Doug: Well, what can I say? Playgirl keeps calling me.

Me: Why? Is your subscription up?

Doug: [Pause, followed by the smell of burnt toast.] That was actually a good one!

People who think Doug's big brother was a little mean will be pleased to note that he cleaned my clock in cards later that evening.

Great to have you back, bro. Now just arrange to have part of deer season off this year.

I have to get my money back...

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