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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Toot, toot.

I'm going to try this because, well--everyone else does it.

Shameless self-promotion alert!

I actually had my first writing published.

In March. In the National Catholic Register(many, many thanks!)--it was a version of the my dad/Mel's dad piece. Which, according to Mom, my dad has shown to everyone who is even semi-literate in English.

Exactly two (dos/zwei/dva) people noticed it--thanks Jim and Mark.

So, in honor of my second published piece, I decided to try another tack:

Why, yes, I am that "Dale Price" referenced on the cover of the June 2004 New Oxford Review, thank you very much! [Cue sound of rotator cuff tearing as obscure blowhard pats self on back.]

If it seems familiar, it is--it's an edited (sigh) version of the old AmChurch vs. Catholic men piece from a year or so back.

Editing: The Necessary Evil™. If only they could have left the Miracle on Ice reference in there...

Much more seriously, be sure to subscribe to that fine publication as well--if for no other reason than you'll get to see my third published article before the end of summer. Or so.

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