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Monday, June 07, 2004

If I hear one more commentator opine that the Lakers lost the game (as opposed to getting just flat-out beaten by the Pistons)...

...I'm taking a hostage or three. One ABC commentator used the phrase "I'm not taking anything away from the Pistons" four times in the space of three minutes. During which, of course, he proceeded to take plenty away from the Pistons' effort.

"I'm not taking anything away from the Pistons, but a wheelchair league team could have beaten the Lakers tonight."

Not quite a quote, but close. To be fair, Doc Rivers was pretty consistent in his unqualified praise of the men from Motown. But he was about it.

I know--it's one game, and the Lakers are, on paper, the better team.

But if you had told your buddy that Shaq and Kobe would combine for 59 points, Ben Wallace would have only 8 rebounds, Rip Hamilton would have only 12 points, and Rasheed Wallace would play only eight minutes in the first half--would he have picked the Pistons to win by a dozen?

Don't think so.

The only saving grace is that Brent Musberger has nothing to do with the broadcasts. If so, I might have shot the TV during the postgame.

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