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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hey--I deserved a [too brief] vacation.

We went to the Price Family Summer Palace from Friday through Tuesday.

Five hours in cars (one way) with a toddler and fifteen month old. Wheeeeeeee! Still, it was quite worth it. Mom and Dad's retirement home is still a hole in the ground, but I'm beginning to see the potential.

The virus was successfully purged from the computers. Of course, the existence of viruses is another reason why I can't quite renounce my support for capital punishment.

If you have any need for computer services, I heartily recommend the lads at Disk-n-Dat Computers (yes, I know, the name...) in Clinton Township. They managed to save the really important stuff, plus they actually regarded customer service as something relevant to their product. Unlike a certain computer repair shop in Sterling Heights I'll be happy to steer you away from if you e-mail me.

More to follow.

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